We are very excited to provide an excellent product with awesome updates for our customers! Hanio WordPress theme contains plenty of features, in this section we described the main numbers of them. If you looking for a feature or you want to suggest an improvement please visit our Help Center.

Header Information

The theme provides two header sections to place your address and phone number.

To change the header information go to Appearance => Customize

Click on Header option

List of settings:

Enable address on the header – enabling and disabling address block at the header, helpful if you want to temporarily disable this feature.

Address text – field for the business address.

Address link – you can use any map service here, for example, Google Maps, just find your place in Google Maps, copy the link, and put it to this field to set.

Enable Call Us on the header – – enabling and disabling the Call Us block at the header, helpful if you want to temporarily disable this feature.

Phone number – you can use any phone number format here e.g. 123-AWESOME-BUSINESS or +1 234 56 78

Call Us text – use any or default Call Us text (it also uses Call Us text if this field is blank).

Example of filled out section:

Copyright text

You can use any custom text as copyright text (also known as Site Credits) at the bottom of the footer.

To change copyright text go to Appearance => Customize

Click on Footer option

Here is two settings: 

Disable “Copyright” text before the year – when checked disables “Copyright” text before the current year.

Custom copyright text  – your custom copyright text. By default, it uses your site title. Leave blank to use default copyright. To change site title got to Settings => General => fill out the Site Title field.

Example of the filled out section:

Click on Publish button to make changes to the live site.

Woocommerce Shortcodes

Hanio theme uses the Woocommerce plugin to get shop functionality. On home pages, the theme uses Woocommerce shortcodes to display products.

To put the new shortcode to the page you can use the Shortcode Elementor’s element in the visual builder.

To read more about Woocommerce and Woocommerce Shortcodes please visit the official documentation:

Additional Features

Hanio provides plenty of additional features to improve the user experience of your customers. If you want to suggest a feature please visit our Help Center.

List of Additional Features:

  • Disable “Add to cart” button on product tiles
  • Disable post category meta text
  • Disable post author meta text
  • Disable post date meta text
  • Disable post comments meta text
  • Enable search an entire website, not just products – by default the search at the header does search by products. You can change it to the entire website.

You can also disable the standard theme header of a page and use Elementor’s header like on Home Potty, Home Goodies, Home Bees demo pages. To do this go to the Classic Editor and choose the Full Width Page without Header Title template, and click on Update button.

To use Additional Features go to Appearance => Customize

Click on Tweaks option

Example of settings:

With the settings above you can get the blog tile without meta texts. Result:

Another example of additional features is disabling “Add to cart” button on the product tiles feature. With this feature, you can get the product tile without Add to cart button on them.

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