Blog posts

This is a standard WordPress posts module. You can write articles here, create categories, set tags.

The theme supports 5 layout types of blog:

    • Three Columns
    • Two Columns With Sidebar
    • Two Columns
    • One Column With Sidebar
    • One Column

If you want to create an additional Blog Page, create an empty page, then set Template. To set the Blog template for a page:

1. Go to the page editor => Template => choose Blog type

2. Click on Publish/Update button.

Recent Posts Element

Additionally, we created an element for Elementor visual builder to show Recent Posts as a grid block. So it will look like a part of the blog on any page. You also can change the number of posts to display by changing this option in the element Content Settings tab.

To change the number of posts on homepages go to Elementor visual editor, then:

1. Change the number of posts in element settings, it supports 3, 6, 9 posts (grid).

2. Click on Update


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